The more strange a film looks, the more I’ll probably want to see it.

I have an admitted soft spot films on the fringe.

Ask anyone who I’ve made watch portions of “For Your Height Only,” a Philippine film from 1981 that riffs on James Bond with an actor of small stature (the beloved Weng Weng) playing the lead role. It’s a terrible film, but plenty amusing, nonetheless.

When I saw the trailer for “RoboGeisha” last year, a Japanese film that features just what the title promises, it had me hook, line and geisha chainsaw. Many Japanese filmmakers have a penchant for taking things way, way out to left field and ending up in places that most American directors would never dream (for better and for worse, it can be argued).

So it was with some excitement that I got “RoboGeisha” in the mail this week from Netflix. I was in the mood for a demented gorefest of epic proportions.

Well, that’s precisely what I got. Unfortunately, it wasn’t satisfying at all. All those strange (and let me emphasize strange) things I saw in the quick-cut trailer were there, but they just seemed silly in the prolonged environment of the film. Add to that a boring and melodramatic storyline of sisters with a love/hate relationship, and I was mostly just bored. I thought it would be a funny, gasp-inducing time.

I was wrong.

My advice — if you love film on the edge, check out the “RoboGeisha” trailer. Send a link to your friends. They’ll be impressed by the madness found therein.

BUT do yourself a favor and skip the movie. The trailer has all you need to see — RoboGeisha tank and all.

Here’s the IMDB page for the film:

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