Famous Yankton Resident Gets Movie Treatment

Yankton gets a mention in today’s New York Daily News in a story about a short film that explores an alternate universe where Adam Vinatieri’s great grandfather, Felix, isn’t sent away by Gen. George Custer and doesn’t make it back from Little Big Horn. The movie is available online.

The story by Daily News sports writer Hank Gola begins:

The streets of Boston are frozen and windswept, the citizens distraught and angry. A Patriot kicker hangs in effigy. The Patriots have lost Super Bowl XXXVI to the Rams because the choking dog kicker botched the game-winning field goal.

That kicker was not Adam Vinatieri.

Fantasy? Not entirely. As the Pats prepare to do battle with the Jets for AFC supremacy Monday night, one of their fans has imagined a scenario where their Super Bowl run may never have started because Vinatieri had never been born.

Blame George Armstrong Custer at the Little Bighorn. That’s where the fiery general, unknowingly about to meet his fate, ordered his musicians to stay behind, including his bandmaster, Felix Vinatieri.

That’s right. By that twist of fate, Vinatieri and his heirs were thereby allowed to propagate until his great grandson, Adam, was born in Yankton, S.D., about 600 miles from the battlefield, 86 years after Custer and his troops were annihilated by Crazy Horse and his Sioux warriors …

Read the rest here.

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