Best Cover Songs Of 2010

Michael Katzif at NPR posted his five best cover songs of 2010 today.

See them here.

He has some interesting picks, including Cee Lo’s cover of Band of Horse’s “No One’s Gonna Love You.” I still prefer the original.

Also on the list is a decent cover of David Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes” covered by Warpaint, probably one of my favorite new bands of 2010.

I had a couple of covers on repeat this year.

The first was Gayngs’ cover of George Michael’s “One More Try.” It features a great vocal performance from Har Mar Superstar, who I believe currently resides in Omaha.

I had completely forgotten about the George Michael song, and I thought that was OK. But hearing the Gayngs’ version, I had to reevaluate that conclusion. I played it three, four or five times a day for a stretch. Not only that, I took to singing it in the shower. I even gave the original a few spins. Though Georgie usually only makes the news these days for drug arrests, he really had something. At the moment, I prefer the cover. But his original version has its distinct charms.

Listen to both of them here.

However, without a doubt, my favorite cover of the year was Crystal Castles’ cover of “Not in Love” featuring The Cure’s Robert Smith. The Cure was one of those bands who played a big role in my life during those formative teenage years. I still love them. Crystal Castles released one of my favorite albums this year.

Put them together and you’ve got an intoxicating blend of current electronic pop, nostalgia and heartache. Every time I hear this song, it puts a weight on my heart. Most of us have been in the emotional place described by the lyrics, and the music fits that state of mind perfectly. Do you want to hear this thing already?! Here you go.

I’d never heard of the original, and once I did, I didn’t have much desire to hear it again. I don’t know how Crystal Castles were inspired to greatness by that, but some things can probably never be fully explained.

Anyone else out there have any favorite covers from 2010?

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