Problems With Smoking Ban Go National

Apparently, the challenges being faced by Yankton — and South Dakota, in general — regarding the new smoking ban are of national interest.

A story I wrote on the subject last week got picked up nationally. I’m not going to lie, seeing my name printed in places like and the Washington Examiner on occasion is still a bit of a thrill.

It’s just sometimes nice to know that what you’re doing is of wider interest than your little corner of the world.

Looking ahead, I expect this issue will be of great interest to the South Dakota Legislature. I’d be surprised if the 2011 session ends without some tweaking to the law, though in what form that will take I’m not going to predict. None of Yankton County’s three legislators had plans to introduce anything connected to the law when I spoke with them a couple weeks ago. However, at least one was willing to support clarifications and improvements.

We’ll see if any legislators bring forward “clarifications and improvements” or if they are something else entirely!

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