Escaped Sow Captured At Ice Rink

This is the kind of story I live for as a reporter — the funny and absurd. It’s much more enjoyable than the alternative — sad and tragic. Unfortunately, events like the one detailed here don’t come along too often. I really wish I could have been on scene to cover this performance of “Swine Lake.”


ABERDEEN, S.D.  (AP) — A big pig that escaped from an Aberdeen hog-buying facility was captured after police and volunteers corralled the porky critter at an ice rink.
The Aberdeen American News reports the 400-pound sow was seen wandering along a city street Tuesday night. Police and others herded the hog to a skating rink near an elementary school.
The newspaper described the incident as a version of “Swine Lake.”
Hub City Livestock owner Rick Hellwig says his brothers, Ron and Steve, helped police capture the pig. He says the sow didn’t put up a fight and seemed happy to hop in a trailer.
Hellwig says the sow likely got loose from a trailer while waiting to be sold at the hog-buying facility. He says the sow was returned to its owner.

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