Update On Yankton Bird Deaths

Here is the latest news:

Poison Believed To Be Cause Of Bird Kill-0ff
By Nathan Johnson

Officials said Tuesday that poison is believed to be the cause of a massive bird kill-off in Yankton.
More than 300 dead starlings have been found in downtown Yankton.
At a media conference Tuesday afternoon, Yankton Animal Control Officer Lisa Brasel said DRC 1339, a bird poison used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), was the probable source of the deaths.
Brasel said a USDA official contacted her Tuesday afternoon after seeing news of the dead birds. In an interview with the Press & Dakotan, wildlife biologist Ricky Woods confirmed that DRC 1339 was used by the USDA at a feedlot about 10 miles south of Yankton.
While birds usually die before getting so far from the source of the poison, he said it is not impossible.
The poison is not a threat to humans or other animals.
For more on this developing story, read Wednesday’s edition of the Press & Dakotan.

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