Lawmaker: If health care required, why not guns?

Personally, I think the philosophical analogy — no matter how tongue-in-cheek it is — Rep. Wick is trying to make does not hold up under the least bit of scrutiny. Health insurance and gun ownership are two very different things.

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — If the federal government can require every person to buy health insurance, a South Dakota lawmaker says the state can require every person to buy a gun.
That’s the logic behind a bill proposed by Rep. Hal Wick, a Republican from Sioux Falls. Wick’s proposal would force every South Dakotan over the age of 21 to buy a firearm for self-defense. He argues that such a requirement makes sense to “provide for everyone’s protection,” just as supporters of the health care legislation say all Americans need coverage.
Wick says he believes the bill won’t pass but he introduced it to make the point that the health care mandate is unconstitutional.
South Dakota is among 26 states that have sued the federal government over the health care overhaul.

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