If U.S. Cities Had Kept Their Original Names

According to my quick Google search, Omaha, Neb., was never actually called Cutler’s Park, but it did figure into the early history of the city. Nevertheless, this is an interesting map that is likely to spur you into some worthwhile Google (or Bing) action. Happy learning.

Wikipedia had the following to say about Cutler’s Park:

Cutler’s Park was established at the site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1846 Winter Quarters as a hold-over on their way from Nauvoo, Illinois to Utah. Due to the harsh conditions, 359 members of the 2,500 person party died and are buried in what is now called the Mormon Pioneer Cemetery. Their community was the first city in the Nebraska Territory. Despite lasting only two years, the city had a mayor and city council, 24 policemen and fireguards, various administrative committees, and a town square for public meetings.[5] The Mormon pioneers left their town once they moved on in 1848. Mitchell platted Florence six years later.

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