Basketball And Vasectomies?

They make a convincing argument that the two go good together. I think I’ll hold off for another year, myself.


March soreness: Now’s the time for a vasectomy?
WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A West Des Moines clinic’s ad campaign hits below the belt by urging sport fans to indulge in some alternative March madness: Have a vasectomy on Thursday or Friday then spend the weekend recovering while watching NCAA tournament basketball.
Iowa Clinic marketing executive Jessica Grant tells the Des Moines Register that the campaign is designed to appeal to men whose partners want them to get the snip and who complain they spend too much time in front of the TV.
The ad reads, “After your vasectomy: Stay on couch. 32 games in two days. Return to work on Monday.”
Urologist Dr. Mark Kellerman says he thinks the campaign is “a great idea.”
The clinic performed 102 vasectomies in March 2010 when the ads debuted. This month, 129 are scheduled.
Information from: The Des Moines Register,

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