Going ‘Gaga’ Starts Early

The Omaha World Herald reports that some Yanktonites are ready to go gaga over THE Lady Gaga tonight:

Published Thursday March 17, 2011

About 50 people already had gathered outside the Qwest Center by 12:30 p.m. in anticipation of tonight’s Lady Gaga concert. Many had driven in from out of state. All were hoping to nab the best floor spots when the doors opened a little before the concert’s 8 p.m. start.

“That’s 4.5 hours from now,” said Chase Carda from Yankton, S.D. “That’s nothing.

“It’s like watching ‘Titanic,’ babe. It’s easy. It’s sad, but it’s also AH-mazing.”

Carda was waiting in line with his “bestie since pre-school,” Britta True, who’s never been to a big concert before. “This is all we’ve been talking about for 196 days.” Tickets for the Omaha concert went on sale in on Oct. 3 of last year.

They didn’t come in costume. (Britta thought that running shoes would be more appropriate, especially once it’s time to get seats.) But many other fans had busted out their best meat dresses and stilletto heels, plus lots and lots of caution tape.

Near the front of the line, Ben Beck was jumping around in fishnet pantyhose, platform heels and nipple tape. He and his friends had come in from Minneapolis, where he studies nursing. Ben bought tickets for tonight’s show 20 minutes after leaving a Gaga concert in St. Paul, Minn. “The Monster Ball is the greatest show on earth.”

After all the driving and waiting in line, he wasn’t worried that he might run out of energy before the show starts. “I don’t think that “tired” is a feeling I can feel right now.” — Rainbow Rowell

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