Neoliberal Economics Bad For Our Health

Evidence abounds that our economic system and the income inequality it produces is having a very negative impact on our society. Here is a taste of what the research has shown, according to Ben Winegard, a graduate student at the University of Missouri:

Taken as a whole, the research summarized in the above table is damning for advocates of neoliberalism. Youth today suffer from increased anxiety, depression, and mental illness; exhibit inflated self-views and decreased empathy; believe money is more important than previous generations; and are more likely to accept the status quo with cynical acquiescence. These psychological trends are mirrored by a steady decline in social capital and a rise in crass materialism.45 We must be careful not to blame youth for these trends. They are caused by material and cultural changes, not by changes in innate psychology. These are the outcome of a culture predicated on material values and individualism. In short, these are the predictable results of neoliberal policy.

Read the whole article here.

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