Guided By Voices Coming To Omaha

Great news tonight. It’s been announced that Maha, Omaha’s premiere indie rock festival, will feature one of my favorite indie rock legends — Guided by Voices!

I bought their album, “Alien Lanes,” on a whim as a teenager. I had no clue just how good my blind taste was until I stuck that blast of madness on my stereo. Most GBV songs are under three minutes, but have a tendency to stick in your mind anyway. “Alien Lanes” is quite a trip.

I’ve never seen the band live before, so this will be quite cool — especially given that it is the classic lineup that produced some of their best work. Robert Pollard is insanely prolific and, by all accounts, quite a frontman. It’s hard to believe he was once a fourth-grade teacher in Ohio.

Now he is an indie rock god.


Read more about GBV here.

Or just check out Bob practicing his rock star kicks:

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