CAIR Criticizes SD Dept. Of Public Safety For Sponsoring ‘Islamophobe’ Speaker

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent out a press release today, urging the South Dakota Department of Public Safety to drop Walid Shoebat from its list of speakers at a conference next week. CAIR describes Shoebat as a “notorious Islamophobe who claims ‘Islam is the devil’ and that President Obama is a Muslim.”

Seeing just a few clips of him in action, Shoebat definitely has a distaste for Islam.

Here is what Shoebat had to say during the 2008 election when talking about Barack Obama and questioning whether he is, basically, a secret Muslim: “If Islam is not playing the major role in anti-Christ spirit, why do you think the Devil wants to appoint somebody connected to Islam in the White House?”

Media Matters summarizes a 2008 appearance on G. Gordon Liddy’s show this way: “On his radio show, G. Gordon Liddy hosted self-described former terrorist Walid Shoebat to advance the false claim that Sen. Barack Obama, whom Shoebat said would be ‘extremely dangerous’ as president, is a Muslim. Liddy also did not challenge Shoebat’s false claim that Hamas supports Obama.”

It would be interesting to know if the DPS is fully aware of Shoebat’s rhetoric. Here is his website.

Here is the complete CAIR press release with quite a few links.

It will be interesting to see if CAIR’s concerns get traction among South Dakotans.

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