More On Marriage Statistics

The Madville Times points out some interesting correlations on those South Dakota marriage statistics I posted yesterday:

From 2006 to 2009, the number of marriages went down faster in South Dakota than nationwide. South Dakota’s divorce rate climbed while the national divorce rate continued its three-decade downward trend. In 2009, South Dakota’s divorce rate surpassed the national average for the first time in 30 years.

Why do I compare 2009 with 2006? In 2006, South Dakota voters amended the state constitution to ban gay marriage.

So we ban same-sex unions in order to protect the sanctity of heterosexual marriage… and then South Dakota’s heterosexuals get married less and overturn marriages more.


Massachusetts couples are divorcing less than couples in any other state. That’s right, according to the most complete statistics available, the nation’s lowest divorce rate is to be found at the epicenter of gay marriage. In contrast, the highest divorce rate (over three times the rate in Massachusetts) is found in Nevada, a state which reacted to marriages like mine by passing a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Other titillating contrasts exist: Iowa, corn-fed vanguard of same-sex marriage in the Midwest, has the second lowest state divorce rate in the country, coming in at less than half the rate of Arkansas, which has the second-highest rate of divorce, despite the fact that its resident same-sex partners not only cannot marry but cannot adopt children together [David Valdes Greenwood, “Making Marriage Cool Again: Divorce Rates and the Real Effect of Same-Sex Marriage,” Huffington Post, 2011.05.17].

Astute readers are already shouting that correlation does not equal causation. Nothing above proves that legalizing gay marriage gets more people to marry and fewer to divorce.

But the next time someone tells you banning gay marriage is about protecting “real” “Christian” man-woman bonds, ask her to explain why God-fearing (and homosexual-fearing) South Dakota has a declining marriage rate and now higher-than-average divorce rate.

3 thoughts on “More On Marriage Statistics

  1. My point, Jenny, was to note that if there is any threat to the sanctity and stability of heterosexual marriage, it does not appear to come from rampant legalized homosexual unions. But what point would you take from the fact that since passing our gay marriage ban, South Dakota has seen increased divorce rates while those rates are declining nationwide? Could we be fighting the wrong culture war?

  2. The point I would clearly take from seeing these statistics is that our culture is simply not taking marriage, or their personal marital vows seriously! Gay or not! And the media and public education daily brainwashes the “normal” person to not marry, divorce whenever, and seek self pleasure, etc…….People are wicked and self absorbed. And as far as statitics go, Christians divorce just as much as non-christians. What does that say? That EVERYONE has the same issues! The world, U.S. in particular, as yourself, has no hope in absolute Truth. Why not do whatever? That is where I find the solution not to be in laws, but in a relationship with Jesus Christ, the only way to God. IT’s true, it’s purposeful, it’s way bigger than sticking bandages on issues of our culture…..

    And just for the record, you did know that 82.5 % of statistics are pulled out of people’s butts? =)

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