Yankton Area Flooding FAQ

The Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce has issued an FAQ regarding flooding and sandbagging for the Yankton area.

It will be posted at www.yanktonflood.com, which is a clearinghouse for local flood information set up by the Yankton County Office of Emergency Management.

Yankton Flood Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I get sandbags?
• Yankton County Shop – 407 W. 11th St.
• Riverside Acres Park

Question: How do I properly sandbag?
• Flyer: http://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Flood/NWD_Sandbag_Pamphlet.pdf

Question: Where do I find storage – buildings, u-hauls, trailers?
• Call the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce at (605) 665-3636.

Question: Where can I park a camper or RV with hookups?
• Call the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce at (605) 665-3636 or visit our Web site at

Question: Where do I find temporary and long-term housing?
• Call the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce at (605) 665-3636
• If emergency shelters are needed, information will be issued through the local media.

Question: Where can I find news and information?
• Go to http://www.yanktonflood.com
• Local media websites
o http://www.yankton.net
o http://www.kynt1450.com, http://www.wnax.com, http://www.kvht.com

Question: How do I flood-proof my house?
• Visit: bReadysd.com: http://www.breadysd.com/index.cfm
• Visit: Disasterrecovery.sd.gov: http://www.disasterrecovery.sd.gov/flood_info.aspx

Question: Will areas be asked to evacuate?
• At this time there are no evacuation orders.  Should evacuation orders be issued, they will be
broadcast through the local media.

Question: Will I be able to access my house if I have been evacuated?
• This will be on a case-by-case basis and coordinated among state and local officials.

Question: Is there anyone who can help me with storage containers, boxes and help if I wish to
evacuate now?
• Residents needing boxes can contact Walmart at (605) 665-1425
• The Chamber is collecting zip ties, packing tape and boxes which are available at 803 E. 4th St.
on a first come, first serve base.
• To request volunteers to help with packing and evacuating,  go to http://www.yanktonflood.com and
e-mail in a request or call the Chamber at (605) 665-3636.

Question: Will I need to take any preventative measures with my sewer system?
• Residents in affected areas are being asked to pump their septic systems dry before Tuesday,
June 7 to help eliminate potential water contamination issues.

Question: What are the current releases?
• Releases from Gavins Point Dam are 85,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) through June 2
• Releases will step up to 130,000 cfs by June 7
• June 14 releases will step up to 150,000 cfs

Question: What will the river level be during this time and how high will the water get?
• As of May 30, the water at the Dam was at 1,163.87 feet and is forecast to rise to 1,168.62 feet
by mid-June.

Question:  Should a disaster be declared, do I have to sandbag to receive money from FEMA for
Individual Assistance?
• Residents are encouraged to undertake all reasonable prevention measures.  Failure to
sandbag will not affect any potential disaster assistance.  Note that there is not currently a
disaster assistance declaration from the federal government for individuals.

Question: Are the dams along the Missouri River safe?
• Dams on the mainstem of the Missouri River are structurally sound and performing as designed,
despite the high water.

Question: What highways/areas are closed?
• Crest Road (along the dam) is closed due to regularly scheduled maintenance work. It will be
closed Mondays at 7 a.m. through Fridays at 5 p.m. It is open for traffic Saturday and Sundays.
• NOTE TO LOCAL TRAFFIC: Unless you are volunteering, the public is requested to stay clear of
Riverside Acres and River Aspen areas to allow for sandbagging and relief efforts.
• Due to construction congestion at 8th Street & Summit Avenue Intersection and 8th Street and
West City Limits Road intersections, local traffic and larger vehicles are encouraged to use
alternate routes to access the lake area.

Question: Where can I go for questions, help, or just general information?
• City of Yankton: http://www.cityofyankton.org
• Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce (605) 665-3636

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