Yankton County Commission Orders Voluntary Evacuation

Here is the latest update on flood developments in Yankton County via a County Commission meeting I just attended:

The Yankton County Commission ordered a voluntary evacuation Thursday evening of portions of Riverside Acres and Larson’s Landing.
The Yankton County Office of Emergency Management (YCOEM) recommended the measure based on the latest data it has received from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
“This is something we did a lot of research on today,” said YCOEM director Paul Scherschligt. “We had a lot of minds working on it. We had the map people with us to make sure the numbers were working and everything was right. When that 150,000 cfs comes down the line, we’re going to have some serious erosion and some structures going underneath. Our main goal right here is public safety.”
The voluntary evacuation affects residents who live below 1,168 feet above sea level from Pike Street to Moonlight Drive in the Riverside Acres/Larson’s Landing area. The high water mark is identified on maps that the OECM has distributed door to door in that neighborhood along the Missouri River shoreline.
The voluntary evacuation should be completed by 10 p.m. Saturday, June 24, according to the order.
Also, it was announced Thursday that a public meeting will be held by the YCOEM today (Friday) at 4 p.m. in the Yankton High School gymnasium. It will include an opportunity for local residents to review the latest inundation maps, and to hear the latest Missouri River information from Corps and local officials involved in the flood response effort.
The maps and other information related to the effort can be found on the YCOEM’s flood website at yanktonflood.com.

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