Oh No, Netflix!!!

Since Netflix alerted customers yesterday that it was considerably increasing the cost of its service, it has created a lot of backlash.

I guess I must be a moron, because I read the email about my monthly plan increasing by $10 to $29.98 in September and shrugged it off. Part of it is because I have been a member since 1999. As a film buff in rural Nebraska and South Dakota, Netflix was my lifeline to get films I could not find in local theaters or rental stores. Where else was I going to find the films of Andrei Tarkovsky or Mike Leigh? As such, I have a tremendous amount of goodwill in my heart for the company.

Plus, I have a grandfathered plan where I get an unlimited four DVDs at a time and unlimited streaming. I thought that was a great deal for less than $20, but I didn’t expect it would last forever. So when I got the email, it was no surprise. I will miss the money, though.

I’m one of those people that takes advantage of my Netflix subscription. I probably go through 15 movies a month, perhaps more. If I was going to the video store and renting many of the new releases I get through Netflix, I’d be paying much, much more. Plus, the chances of me finding many of them locally are still close to nil.

So while everyone else is going “Oh no, Netflix!” and some unscientific polls are showing that 74% of subscribers will end their membership, I’m just saying, “Oh well. It was good while it lasted.”

2 thoughts on “Oh No, Netflix!!!

  1. My plan is increasing 67% ($12 to $18). While I do understand the need for price increases especially with the studios seeking to bleed everyone dry, an out of the blue 67% increase with no corresponding increase in services is a bit too much to swallow.

    • A friend suggested that they should have implemented more incrementally. And perhaps they need to do a better job of explaining WHY the increase is needed. That could possibly make it easier to swallow. As someone who hasn’t seen a raise in years, it’s amazing how the prices of things are going up … but wages for most people somehow remain stagnant. Little bumps like this here and there really take their toll.

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