Charlie’s Pizza Recognized As Having One Of America’s Best Pizzas

As other P&D staffers have already pointed out, we got news today that Charlie’s Pizza House in Yankton will be recognized by “Food Network Magazine” as having one of the 50 best pizzas in the country. Which pie won them over? The Spicy Meatball and Sauerkraut.

What’s that? You’ve never tried it, either?

I don’t blame you. I can handle spicy meatballs, but just the smell of sauerkraut can deflate my appetite.

So while I love Charlie’s Pizza — the garlic-infused crust and the crazy cheesiness of their creations — I’ve never even thought to try the Spicy Meatball and Sauerkraut Pizza.

I guess I may have to change my sauerkraut aversion for a meal to see what all the fuss is about. This is Charlie’s Pizza, after all. Chances are I won’t be disappointed.

Below is the press release from the Food Network:

From crunchy-crust classics to brash pies that break every rule, Food Network Magazine’s editors set out six months ago to find the best pizzas in America and now, in the September issue, they reveal the winners. Among the 50 best pies in the country: the Spicy Meatball and Sauerkraut pizza from Charlie’s Pizza House in Yankton.

One of the longest-running and most popular pizzerias in South Dakota, Charlie’s Pizza House won over Food Network Magazine’s
editors with its famous spicy meatball and sauerkraut pizza. Loyal fans are devoted to the pie, topped with spicy-sour meatballs, jalapenos and sauerkraut. Newcomers are often wary, until they take a bite.

The winning picks in Food Network Magazine’s
“50 States, 50 Pizzas” challenge were crowned after a six-month search for the must-try pie in every state.

For the full story, pick up the magazine’s September issue, on newsstands August 9, and go to

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