Atomic Wings Leave Me Verklempt

Magilly's atomic wings left me a little verklempt Wednesday night, sparking memories of "Coffee Talk With Linda Richman." Strange what a little hot sauce will conjure up in a man's brain.

It’s not often that I get all verklempt. But when the word “atomic” is combined with any food item, I should probably have a pretty good guess that said menu option will provoke a reaction.

Atomic isn’t a word you throw around willy nilly.

But I like hot things, so when I was at Magilly’s Lakeside Eatery west of Yankton last night with some friends for chicken wings I was intrigued by the atomic wing option. To be safe, I only ordered two wings covered in atomic sauce. But I really had no idea I was playing it safe.

When my tray of assorted wings came out, I grabbed for the hot ones immediately.

“Mmmm … yeah, these are good. Not too hot, really.”

I was under that illusion until just a little bit after I consumed my first wing. However, upon impact of the wing in my stomach, the atomic aftermath of the sauce apparently mushroomed across my face. I downed the second wing, still not fully realizing the scope of the attack.

It’s then that my eyes began to water, my mouth got all hot and bothered and I broke out in a mild sweat.

“Ah, yes, these ARE atomic wings!”

The reaction was not lost on my friends, who quite appropriately ridiculed me while asking if I was going to be OK.

“I’m just feeling a little verklempt,” I assured them.

So, in short, if you like hot things, definitely try Magilly’s atomic wings. Eating should be a full-bodied, five-sense experience, after all. I guarantee I’ll drop some atomic wings again, just to make sure I can still handle the heat in the kitchen.

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