This Loom Should Bear Fruit: Omaha’s New Home For ‘Alternative Thinkers’

I’m quite certain I’ve just discovered what will be one of my favorite Omaha hang-outs in the future. It sounds exotic, intellectual and glorious, and I’ve already had a few Yankton friends (I’m looking at you, Ben and Chad) mention it to me as a place I would enjoy. I guess they know me well …

The House of Loom had a soft opening three or so weeks ago. Several creative types — a handful of indie rockers, a few actress-models and playwrights — sipped specialty cocktails, ate papaya and listened to electronic beats. It held its official grand opening Saturday with its annual all-white attire party.

The three partners hope to use the space as a bar five nights a week. They also plan to host poetry slams, dance parties, art exhibits and educational lectures. It’ll serve as a space for creative types to debut their work. For instance, Omaha fashion designer Megan Hunt (aka Princess Lasertron) hosted a secret preview show for her Omaha Fashion Week collection at the lounge last week.

The building has lots of character: hardwood floors, brick walls and high ceilings. The place formerly housed the Goofy Foot and Planet Soull nightclubs.

The guys have poured tens of thousands of dollars into renovating the space. They laid concrete to flatten the patio, added an outdoor garden, painted, stripped away metal, stained floors and the bar and added tile, light fixtures, Victorian furniture and a custom DJ booth.

They know how to keep the party intimate, even while the layout is grand with multiple rooms and ample lounge space. The sit-down lounge area has a Bohemian-eclectic flair, with velvet crush privacy curtains and a fireplace. A dance floor sits just inches away from the bar. Dushan is curator of the lounge’s artwork.

Chris Engles, formerly of the Boiler Room, is the craft cocktail bartender who will mix champange cocktails, dirty martinis and pre-Prohibition-inspired drinks. The bar will make its own syrups and juices from scratch. For instance, when Engles makes a seven-and-seven cocktail (a Seagram’s 7 whiskey and 7-Up mixed drink) he won’t use the soft drink. Instead, he’ll make his own interpretation of it with fresh limes.

“This place exists on the premise that there are enough creative alternative thinkers in Omaha that’ll identify with a place that matches their lifestyle,” Crampton said.

You can read the whole Omaha World-Herald story here.

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