Sunday Gourmet(?)

A Ritz Roasted Vegetable cracker covered with peanut butter and a dollop of honey. It's a delicious thing.

Some days I like to go gourmet.

This is not one of those days.

No, today is a Ritz Roasted Vegetable cracker with peanut butter and a dollop of honey day. And that means I’m keeping my day simple and delicious.

This elaborate recipe occurred to me a few months ago. I knew that a Ritz cracker tasted good with peanut butter and then covered in chocolate. That’s a favorite Christmas holiday staple. So those sweet memories no doubt led to a sudden craving for a Ritz cracker with peanut butter (hold the chocolate for health’s sake). The cracker/peanut butter combo tastes good, but it can be hard to get down the gullet. It’s a bit sticky, you see.

THAT is where the honey comes in as not only the perfect accompaniment to the snack, but it also makes for smooth traveling into your belly. I personally guarantee it. Chef’s honor.

What’s your lazy Sunday afternoon delight (and I’m talking snacks here!)?

One thought on “Sunday Gourmet(?)

  1. You are so fancy. I can’t compete with your brilliance.

    I know it’s not a snack (well, I guess it could be), but this is all I’ve got — When cooking pasta is too much work, I eat spaghetti sauce and toast for supper. I usually butter the toast and sprinkle a bit of garlic salt on it, then cut it into strips and dip it in the spaghetti sauce. I am happy to say I haven’t done this lately.

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