Interesting Yankton Police Stats Through August

Looking over the Yankton Police Department report for August, there are some interesting tidbits:

Police incidents through August 2011 compared to the same time period in 2010 are down from 8,476 to 7,955

State-reportable accidents (those that include damages that overcome a dollar threshold that escapes me right now) are down from 127 to 122 for the year, while non-reportable accidents are down to 93 from 120. Also, the number of persons injured is down to 32 so far  this year compared to 50 at this time in 2010.

Total traffic citations are at 895 this year compared to 1,087 last year. Unfortunately, driving under the influence arrests are up slightly to 63 compared to 60 in 2010. However, speeding citations are down almost 50 percent from 332 to 174.

Sadly, felony narcotics arrests among juveniles are at 44 compared to 25 last year. Drug arrests for adults are about static at 79 compared to 81 last year.

There is some good news in those numbers — especially on the accident front. Let’s hope they hold through the end of the year.

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