A Secret Goldwing Extraña

I’ve tried to keep this a secret. I’ve tried. I’ve tried. I’ve tried.

But I won’t.

Because you deserve to know this.

And “this” is, dear readers, the fact that it is a mammoth music week.

Exhibit Number One: Blitzen Trapper’s “American Goldwing” dropped this week.

Exhibit Number Two: Neon Indian’s “Era Extraña” dropped this week.

Exhibit Number Three: Kasabian’s new single, “Days Are Forgotten” dropped.

Exhibit Number Four: A sweet new Cut Copy video for “Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution.”

Exhibit Number Five: OK, this is old, but below this awesome video is a link to an interview with the directors that was posted on Pitchfork this week.

From Pitchfork:

Kids killing other kids isn’t subject matter that’s often mined for big grins and even bigger laughs. But it’s nearly impossible to suppress either while watching the video for blog-house outfit Is Tropical‘s “The Greeks”. Directed by French team Megaforce and animated by Seven– an ironically titled five-person animation outfit comprised of students from France’s prestigious Gobelins School of the Image— the clip focuses on a group of children brandishing Nerf guns, fake drugs, and homemade C4 explosives as they do everything in their power to murder the living shit out of each other. At times, the video is a little disturbing, but it’s mostly a tribute to the childhood pastime of playing war games, as well as an homage to colorful Japanese manga animation like 1988’s Akira.

Megaforce is a five-man directing collective that’s previously worked on the frantic, agoraphobic clip for Tame Impala‘s “Solitude Is Bliss”, as well as videos for Kid Cudi, Two Door Cinema Club, and Goose. (Check out their body of work here.) The “Greeks” video was filmed over two days (in four-hour work days, per France’s child labor laws) in a French suburb. The crew was inspired by homemade YouTube videos of kids pretending to kill each other with fake guns: “They try to add some blood, but they’re really bad at effects. It’s pretty shitty, but fun,” says co-director Leo Le Bug. We spoke with Le Bug and his Megaforce cohort Raphael Rodriguez about savage six year olds and murdering teddy bears.

Read the interview here.

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