‘Ode To An Extremely Provocative Knothole’: The Corrosive Poetry of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes

The great poet Arthur Greenleaf Holmes performs some wildly inappropriate poetry.

I try to keep my readers on the cutting edge of comedy.

You may recall my blog about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe several weeks ago.

Well, I’ve a new bit of comedic genius to share — though I admit it is quite foul in nature.

I was at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival last weekend, where some friends familiar with the event insisted that we attend a performance by Arthur Greenleaf Holmes. It did not take me long to realize why.

As Mr. Holmes warns before his performances, he has written some of the most “corrosive poetry” ever flung into the universe. Of course, I was immediately taken by his act.

You demand a sample, I suppose. I will oblige, but be warned — this is not safe for work, for playing in front of your mother or for any individual who fancies themselves to be morally upright or even halfright. No, this is the poetry of the gutter, and it is some laugh-inspiring filth for those with a healthy sense of humor.

Another? How about a wedding poem?

If you get a chance to see Mr. Holmes live, please do. He knows how to work an audience, and the crowd we saw him with sounded much like the people in the wedding video above. It was quite exhilarating. And, of course, hilarious.

P.S. He just released a CD entitled “Songs From A Poisoned Well: Arthur Greenleaf Holmes Live At Cripplegate Tavern.” Yes, I bought it. And, yes, I love it.

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