Attacked By A Mastodon

Well, my ears are being attacked by a Mastodon, anyway. And that’s not as bad as it sounds.

If you know anything about my musical tastes, you know they don’t tend to appreciate the heavier metal in life. Mastodon is the exception.

I began listening to Mastodon in 2004 after Pitchfork gave their “Moby Dick”-inspired album, “Leviathan,” a best new music designation.

“I Am Ahab” was one of the singles:

I was just as surprised as anyone that I was digging a heavy metal album. It got a lot of play.

Since then, I have only intermittently kept up with the band. For whatever reason, subsequent albums “Blood Mountain” and “Crack the Skye” didn’t get a lot of air time with me. I’m thinking that I need to go back and re-evaluate those albums.


Because the new album, “The Hunter,” is blowing my mind. It took me two listens to find my metal head, but now I’m totally immersed in the dynamics of this album. Yes, it’s heavy, but it’s also melodic. It’s soft and hard. It’s an emotional journey. And it does indeed feel like a journey.

Check out the video for new song “Curl of the Burl.” (Oh, and by the way, it’s slightly NSFW!)

I think, however, that “Stargasm” is my current favorite song.

The album officially drops Tuesday, and it is well worth your time to check it out. Find out more at their official site.

Oh, and would you like to see what happens in Magic Land when there is a solar eclipse? Sure you do, and you can see it below. (Warning: All hell breaks loose.)


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