Colin Farrell Watches Movie In Mitchell, S.D.

Actor Colin Farrell (though this was not taken during his Mitchell visit).

The Mitchell Daily Republic reported Monday that Colin Farrell attended “Moneyball” at Mitchell’s Logan Luxury 5 Cinema Saturday night.

How cool would it have been to happen upon him there? (By the way, I loved “Moneyball” when I saw it Friday. I highly recommend it Sadly, no one was waiting to talk with me and take my photo when I emerged from the Yankton theater.)

Farrell has had some ups and downs over the years. He was funny in this summer’s “Horrible Bosses,” though I was not a big fan of the film as a whole. My favorite Farrell performance is probably from “In Bruges.”

Here is an excerpt from the story in the Mitchell Daily Republic:

The Logan Luxury 5 Cinema shows movies seven days a week — but it’s rare that a movie star is in the audience.

Mauli Delaney was selling popcorn at the Logan Luxury 5 Cinema Saturday night when she noticed a handsome young man walking toward her. She was especially struck by the expensive-looking leather boots he was wearing.

But it wasn’t until he spoke, and she heard his Irish accent, that she and a co-worker came to the realization that actor Colin Farrell was in Mitchell to see a movie.

“The rumor is true,” said Luxury 5 owner Jeff Logan, who came down to the theater and chatted with Farrell after the 9:40 p.m. showing of “Moneyball” ended around midnight.

“He was just very charming and very nice,” Logan said. “It was great fun, and exciting for the staff.”

He said Farrell, 35, told him he has been filming a remake of “Total Recall” in Toronto, Canada, and was headed to California when he and his sister Claudine stopped in Mitchell.

Logan said he assumed they stayed in Mitchell for the night. They stopped at the theater to see “Moneyball,” a new film on the evolution of baseball statistics and management starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.

While his sister bought the tickets, Farrell went to the concession stand.

Delaney, 23, Mitchell, has been working at the theater since her sophomore year in high school. It was just another Saturday night when the man in the “pretty fancy looking boots” walked up and, in a very quiet voice, ordered a small popcorn, small soda and Peanut M&M’s.

He was wearing a “big hipster hat” that hid a great deal of his face, Delaney said.

“It was hard to see who it was,” she said, but she caught a hint of an accent and that sparked her curiosity.

“While I was waiting on him, “I thought, ‘I know this guy,’” Delaney recalled Sunday night. “’He’s got to be in a movie. Or maybe he’s a friend of a friend.’”

Once they realized it was Farrell, they “didn’t want to appear unprofessional” and bother him, so they decided to summon Logan to his theater.

They texted Logan and he came down. After the show, when they came out, Logan approached Farrell and said, “Colin?”

“Yeah?” said the Irish actor, who has starred in several movies, including “The Recruit,” “Miami Vice,” “Phone Booth,” “Alexander” and two new movies “Horrible Bosses” and “Fright Night.”

Farrell then confirmed who he was and agreed to talk with the staff.

“He was really, really sweet,” Delaney said. “He was very sweet, very kind.”

Logan gave him T-shirts from the Starlite Drive-in, located on the edge of Mitchell, and they talked a little bit, Logan said.

“He liked the theater,” he said.

Logan said he told the actor the staff was very thrilled he was there and Farrell agreed to pose for photos with them. He joked around with staff while they set up the shot, Logan said.

“He was very charming, very polite, very soft-spoken,” he said. “His sister is gorgeous.”

She works as Farrell’s personal assistant.

Logan asked if Farrell stopped in South Dakota for the start of the duck hunting season but the actor said he wasn’t aware it had began. Farrell also said, with a smile, that it wouldn’t be polite to stop in South Dakota and kill some of its birds, Logan said.

In addition to liking the theater, Farrell had one other compliment, Logan said: He thought the popcorn was delicious.

Logan had Adam Schorzmann, who was Saturday night’s “popcorn chef,” come forward to take a bow.

“Well, I like your work, man,” Farrell said to him.

“Well, I like yours, too,” replied Schorzmann, 23, of Mount Vernon.

“He was actually pretty modest,” said Schorzmann, a South Dakota State University student who works weekends at the theater. “Kinda quiet and real nice. He posed for a few pictures for us.”

2 thoughts on “Colin Farrell Watches Movie In Mitchell, S.D.

  1. Way to go Daily Republic and theatre employees, you make us South Dakotans sound really in touch….”expensive-looking leather boots”? “Pretty fancy looking boots”? COME ON!!!! Backwards…no wonder South Dakota has the stigma that it does.

    • I agree that the paper made some unfortunate editing choices. I am an employee of that theatre and was attending a movie the night Colin Farrell came. We were very professional when he met with us. Regrettably, the article made the employee they interviewed sound, as you said, “not in touch”. Trust me, she’s not happy about it either. But please don’t blame stigma on one newspaper and our theatre employees. The article itself was choppy at best. However, think about it this way: the paper was rushed to get the story out, therefore it didn’t get the editing attention it needed. Employees were interviewed on the fly, giving them little time to actually think about developing well-structured answers. We don’t exactly have spokespeople to answer our questions for us, like celebrities and politicians. Besides, I highly doubt the rest of the world is reading the front page of the Daily Republic. 🙂

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