Life Is Your Love Song Unsung …

Brett Anderson’s new album, “Black Rainbows,” comes out today.

Read an interesting review of the album at Pitchfork, wherein the reviewer makes a compelling comparison of Anderson and Stephen Malkmus of Pavement. (However, it should be noted that, unlike Pavement, Suede does plan to at least attempt a new album. The review makes it sound like that is not the case.)

The review isn’t exactly glowing, and I don’t entirely disagree with it. “Black Rainbows” is a collection of some really great songs, although I don’t think it is as powerful and profound as his last, “Slow Attack.”

I’ve written extensively about the impact Anderson and his former band Suede have had upon me here and here, so you can understand my excitement about a new album from him.

My favorite track is the album’s first. It’s called “Unsung.”

“Brittle Heart” is the first single. The opening lines are classic Brett: “Give me your brittle heart and your ashtray eyes. I’ll give you carpet burns and a slanted life. And all that power, and all that passion can be ours tonight.”

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