Yankton County Releases Top Valuations For 2011

Here is a bit of interesting information I came across recently and finally got typed up:

Utilities have the highest assessed value in Yankton County for the 2011 assessment year.
Lori Mackey, director of equalization, recently provided the Yankton County Commission with a list of the top 15 valuations.
NorthWestern Public Service and the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline top the list with $12.1 million and $11.4 million in assessed value, respectively.
The remainder of the list is as follows:
• Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc., manufacturer, $9.4 million;
• Yankton Medical Clinic, medical, $9 million;
• Jamesville Hutterian, agriculture, $8.7 million;
• Wal-Mart Super Center, retail, $7.7 million;
• Alcoa Extrusions, Inc., manufacturer, $6.6 million;
• Ralph Marquardt, agriculture/commercial, $5.8 million;
• Gehl Company, manufacturer, $5.2 million;
• Heine Farms, agriculture, $4.8 million;
• Hy-Vee, retail, $4.6 million;
• Jean Tramp Living Trust, commercial, $4.4 million;
• Hillcrest East, Inc., commercial, $4.3 million;
• Hasting Filters, Inc., manufacturer, $3.8 million; and
• Mid-American Energy, utility, $4.8 million.

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