Taking Time For Some Serious Girl Talk

I caught my third Girl Talk show last night. He played Stir Cove in Council Bluffs, an outdoor venue.

I, like many others no doubt, questioned the wisdom of an outdoor Iowa dance party in October. However, the night was perfect. It was warm, but not too warm. The moon was shining. The only minor inconvenience was the wind, but even that was mostly a non-factor at the venue.

When it comes to dance parties, I’m not aware of it getting any better than a Girl Talk show. He plays samples from songs that everyone knows in such a way that even a self-described music snob such as myself can enjoy them. Girl Talk mastermind Greg Gillis is really a master craftsman of sound collage, but instead of random noises he uses the songs that lie deep within America’s collective consciousness.

Gillis brought it to the Cove last night, rocking out onstage like a madman amongst the frenzied fans who are allowed to join him up there. He said it will probably be his last outdoor show of the year, so he seemed to be really taking it all in while he could. The crowd was no different.

I wonder if our ancestors ever imagined a harvest dance like this?

My thanks goes out to Girl Talk for once again rocking my world. The only thing that was missing was a dance partner (my brother just wouldn’t do). And, now that I think of it, a glass or two of scotch would have been appropriate, too …

I did get some video:

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