‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil’ Gives Hillbillies A Good Name

Do you like killer hillbilly movies?

Or maybe “Shaun of the Dead?”

Would you like to see a mash-up of the two? Then “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” is your ticket.

I watched it tonight with my brother, and we were belly laughing and cringing at some of the gore all at the same happy time. It really does turn the conventional killer hillbilly movie on its severed head, so to speak, and does it well.

We both agreed that it is a fantastic film for the Halloween season.

If you think you might like the movie from the description above, don’t watch the trailer. It gives away a lot of good stuff. It’s best to go in knowing as little as possible.

However, if you’re on the edge of the chainsaw, give this a gander:

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