Dozens Turn Out For Occupy Vermillion

I didn’t make it over to Vermillion Saturday for the protest held there, but the University of South Dakota’s Volante was on the scene.

My great uncle, Father Leonard Kayser of Yankton, was planning to attend, but he didn’t make the story. If he was there, the Volante doesn’t know what it missed!

Here is the beginning of the story by TJ Jerke:

Former University of South Dakota student Phil Deveney took a second look at his most recent pay stub Saturday afternoon, of which $59 was taken out by the federal government.

Deveney said his medical bills have been less than the amount he has paid in taxes and he is still paying for medical bills out of his pocket.

“I don’t know why I should pay to kill somebody when I can’t take care of myself with the taxes I pay,” Deveney said referencing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Deveney was one of about 65 Vermillion community members protesting corporate greed and economic inequality at the Radigan Plaza in downtown Vermillion.

The protest joined similar gatherings that were being held across the U.S., and in 72 other countries, all of which were formed after protestors took to Wall Street in New York City calling the event, Occupy Wall Street.

Read the rest here.

And while we’re talking about Occupy Wall Street and the worldwide protests that occurred Saturday, here is a great interview with reporter Chris Hedges about what is happening:

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