Nebraska Plays Big Role In Occupy Wall Street Organization

I was reading a New York Times article today about Robert S. Halper, a retired Wall Street trader, who is the biggest donor to Adbusters magazine and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Interestingly, he also happens to be a contributor to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.

Well, in the middle of the story, I found this little Nebraska nugget (remember, I grew up in “the good life” of Nebraska):

The protest quickly grew beyond the influence of the magazine’s followers, as independent calls for similar protests in other cities began proliferating. The leaderless movement soon gained a measure of cohesion online from another unlikely place: Nebraska.

Two days after the start of the Occupy Wall Street protests, a pair of young Web designers, unable to travel to New York to take part in the demonstration, created a simple digital hub for the growing number of Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to spreading the protest to new places.

“I thought, ‘Wow, it would be really great if there was a Web site that collected information about all of these,’ ” one of the designers, Ella, 25, said. (She spoke on the condition that she be referred to only by her first name to minimize the harassment she receives via e-mail.)

She and her fiancé threw together a page in “a few hours” and called it Occupy Together, and the design appears to have been emulated by others trying to organize in dozens of cities, including Boston, Seattle and Portland, Ore.

I’ve directed readers to Occupy Together in prior posts. It’s been an invaluable source for me and I’m sure many others who are interested in Occupy Wall Street and its hundreds of offshoots.

Thanks, Ella, wherever you are in Nebraska!

2 thoughts on “Nebraska Plays Big Role In Occupy Wall Street Organization

  1. Thank all of those who have helped contribute and spread the information 🙂
    We may have put the information together, but it’s everyone else who have been organizing, sharing knowledge, and stepping up with their talents to develop awesome tools for the movement that have made Occupy Together what it is.

    • Ella! It’s an honor to have you checking in on this humble blog. You are right. There are plenty of “thank yous” to go around. But THANK YOU again for your part in this global effort. 🙂

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