All Hail My Cookie Monsters!

This is my plethora of Halloween cookie monsters. Do these look good enough to get me out of being dismembered with a chainsaw?

It’s true, the Not-So-Secret Admirer and I got busy last night — making cookie monsters!

I felt bad about not getting a costume together for a Halloween party I’m attending, so I thought I’d try to sweeten my friends up with cookies. It’s with good reason that I’m trying to get on their good side: They’ve threatened to dismember me with a chainsaw for not having a costume.

I don’t take these threats lightly — not from this group.

Despite my hope that I don’t die, I did give blood today so that if things go bad I don’t make as much of a mess. I’d hate for them to have to clean up after me.

When I brought up the idea of doing something cool for the party, it was the NSS Admirer who came up with the decorating cookies idea. She came armed with all the tools to make it happen.

I said, “Thank you.”

She also did the lion’s share of the decorating. If you look at the pictures, I think you can discern the sharp contrast in artistic ability. Hers look very accomplished, while mine look very unaccomplished. Cookie decorating has never been my strong suit. I prefer munching on them.

Wish me luck tonight!

More homemade Halloween cookie monsters.

*** UPDATE ***

The monster cookies did their job. I’ve lived to bake another day …

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