Pauly Shore Talks With The Inland Voyage About Yankton, Playing Small Towns

Pauly Shore will perform two stand-up comedy shows in Yankton Dec. 15.

Shortly after I got to the office today, I received a call.

“Hey, this is Nick from Pauly Shore’s office. Would you like to speak with Pauly?”

My answer: Yes.

“Can you do it in 45 minutes? Some time opened up today.”

My answer: Yes.

My next thought? What the heck am I going to ask Pauly Shore??? I had planned to interview him in advance of his upcoming show in Yankton. However, I hadn’t expected to do it TODAY. IN 45 MINUTES.

I know performers sometimes have days spent just talking to reporters, and so I like to prepare a little bit so they remember me as one of the decent interviews of the day. Not the dumbsh*t who didn’t know anything about what they have been doing.

As far as I can recall, I was NOT a fan of Shore during his 90s heyday. In fact, I remember being a vocal hater of his “Weasel” persona. I couldn’t stand the way he spoke and remember making fun of my brothers for watching his movies.

It was nothing personal. I also couldn’t stand the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Maybe I have something against surfers.

But over the years, I’ve grown more accepting of Pauly Shore. I think it’s kind of a respect for the fact that he survived the show business game. Based on the persona that he had cultivated publicly, I probably wasn’t alone in thinking that after his star dimmed he wouldn’t emerge again. Perhaps I was even hopeful for that outcome.

But that isn’t what happened. Sure, Shore kind of disappeared for a while, but then he decided to soldier on with stand-up shows, films and television projects. I haven’t paid that close attention to it, but I’ve been kind of amused when I see that he’s still doing things.

And lately, I’ve even caught some of his material and thought it was funny. I would have had a hard time imagining that 15 years ago.

I certainly never would have imagined at that time that one day I’d not only interview him but then blog about it. Hey, bu-ddies, I realize that many of you are much more interested in Shore than what I usually write about. Even if it’s just a morbid curiosity in finding out what has been going on with him.

Do I plan on going to his show? Well, yes. I’m pretty sure I’ll get some good laughs, and I’ll get to say that I saw Pauly Shore. I guess in the end, Pauly wins. Damn it!

So how was he to interview? He was very polite and honest.

Below are some of his uncensored comments. If you are sensitive to profanity, proceed no further. A full-blown story for the Press & Dakotan (including censored quotes) will come in the weeks ahead.

On not having been to Yankton before, Shore responded, “Who has?”

What can people expect from a Pauly Shore stand-up show?

Well, if you’re looking at it from the standpoint of someone who is going to read this article, they’re going to be like, ‘Holy shit, Pauly Shore is coming to town! I remember him. Where the fuck has he been? Oh shit, he’s here. Let’s go! It’s either this or bowling.’

So fuck it. I’m a part of American culture. People grew up with me, so I’m a part of their lives. It’s pretty cool. If I was a kid, and I grew up watching someone, I’d want to go see them and check them out.

I like playing places I’ve never been. It’s fun.

I’m not Eddie Murphy, dude. I’m not the guy that doesn’t fucking go out in public. I feed off the small fucking towns. I feed off these people. It keeps my comedy connected, and it keeps me connected. It’ like my fuel. I’ll come in for a day or two. I go for a sandwich at the local fucking deli shop or go to the gym. It’s being a politician. These politicians go and shake hands. They feel the people.

If you want to see Shore talk about Yankton, check out this earlier post. To find out about tickets, go here.

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