Have You Seen Me (Or My Doppelganger Mike Birbiglia)?

Comedian Mike Birbiglia. See the resemblance?


Me after accidentally taking out a piece of the Ice House dock with my superhuman throw.

They say (or at least I’ve heard someone say) everyone has a doppelganger in the world.

I may have found mine.

This realization began forming earlier this year when I watched the immensely enjoyable “Cedar Rapids.” At one point there was a hotel clerk and I turned to my girlfriend and said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa — does that guy look like me? I think he looks like me! He’s my doppelganger!!!”

The problem was, he had a very bit part, and when I went to IMDB to figure out who this guy was, I couldn’t find him.

I was disappointed but went on with my life with the lingering thought that this guy was out there somewhere. Was he good? Evil? An embarrassment to my likeness? I wasn’t sure if I would ever know.

Fast forward to earlier this week, when my girlfriend was talking to her brother. He asked her, “Why are you dating Mike Birbiglia?”

She was confused.

“Who is Mike Birbiglia?” she later asked me.

I told her I had no idea.

“I guess he’s a comedian who appears on ‘Bob and Tom,'” she continued.

I haven’t listened to “Bob and Tom” in the better part of a decade, so that wasn’t much help.

She pulled a photo of Birbiglia up on her phone, and sure enough, there was a likeness. But we got distracted by something and neither of us followed up on it.

Well, today I decided I needed to do some research and figure out who Birbiglia is and what he is about.

To begin with, he has a very popular show that will soon be touring around the nation.

As I was perusing his website, a thought dawned on me: What if Mike was the guy in “Cedar Rapids?”

I googled “Mike Birbiglia Cedar Rapids,” and there it was: He was the hotel clerk! I’m a genius!

Elated by my deductive skills, I called my girlfriend to share the news and let her know how awesome I am. (Sadly, that bit of investigative work is probably the most brilliant thing I’ll be able to chalk up to myself today.)

I’m happy to report that Birbiglia is no embarrassment to my likeness (though I may be to his). He is actually quite talented and funny (and perhaps just slightly more handsome than myself).

If you haven’t checked out my brother from another mother, I recommend doing so. I have no idea how I’ve managed to avoid him all these years. He is on a podcast that I listen to occasionally and has had spots on major network late night shows.

Now, I wonder what would happen if we met. Would there be a massive explosion? Would the world end? Only one way to find out …

In the meantime, some Birbiglia:

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