Plattsmouth ‘Ninja Cow’ Story May Be Coming To A Close

Sure, covering crime and politics can be fun and interesting, but it’s stories like this that I enjoy most. I’ve been following the story of the “ninja cow” in Nebraska for a while now.

When you get that mix of everyday life (who hasn’t seen a cow on the loose in this part of the world?), the strange (no one can corral it, so it must be a ninja cow!) and the funny (leaving cow pies around town and startling residents), you’ve got gold. This sort of thing doesn’t hurt anybody, but it gives residents some good entertainment that people will probably talk about for years.

This story is a thing of beauty. I wish it were mine.

Kevin Cole of the Omaha World-Herald does a fine job with it. It begins:

Plattsmouth’s “ninja cow” has a “ninja calf,” and that could be the key to finally corralling the elusive animal.

The ninja cow — a large, black bovine possibly of the Angus variety — has been appearing in and around the Cass County town since mid-September.

Residents compared the cow to a ninja because — like the legendary Japanese warriors — it would suddenly appear and then disappear. It would even show up late at night on Main Street, startling tavern denizens and leaving lots of cow pies behind.

“We figured out where she was hiding in the woods, but we couldn’t coax her out,” said Plattsmouth animal control officer Sue Baker.

“Then, like two days ago, she was gone and we didn’t know where she went.”

John and Jessica Vallery of the W.J. Cattle Co. just south of Plattsmouth tracked the approximately 1,500-pound cow through the snow and found her calf nearby. The Vallerys captured the calf and placed it in a pen, hoping its mother would walk in of her own accord.
“The calf is absolutely perfect,” Baker said. “They are both in very good health.”

Ninja cow and ninja calf eventually will go home with the Vallerys, whom Baker described as “huge animal lovers.”
It has not been determined whether the pair will join the W.J. Cattle Co. herd or have a separate space as local celebrities.

“I’m thinking we can bring them in for the fall festival and other events because this cow has been the talk of the town for almost three months,” Baker said.

Read the rest of the story here.

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