Cowboys Vs. Ninja Cow

I’m guessing the square off between these cowboys and the ninja cow was much more interesting than the overall awful summer blockbuster “Cowboys Vs. Aliens” that has just been released on DVD (in case you’ve missed all the promos).

“CVA” was miscast, the plot had some gaping holes of logic and I just thought it was rather boring. This ninja cow thriller in Plattsmouth has been much more satisfying.

Kevin Cole at the Omaha World-Herald has the final round-up:

Plattsmouth’s long ninja nightmare came to a close Wednesday afternoon when a cow that had been roaming its streets since mid-September was finally corralled.

Police Chief Steve Rathman said the animal — dubbed the ninja cow because it grazed on lush city lawns at night and then vanished when people approached — was captured about 1 p.m. on the north side of town. Terry Grell of Louisville, Neb., Neil Johnson of Nehawka, Neb., and Gregg Eisenbarth of Plattsmouth caught the cow on horseback.

Grell said the trio tracked the cow in the morning, moved her into an open area with a trailer nearby and then allowed her to calm down before using their ropes for the capture. The cow calmly walked into the trailer for a ride to Grell’s place outside of Louisville.

“It’s nice that the she was taken care of without harm,” Rathman said. “We did everything in our power to humanely capture (the cow) and I’m very glad it ended as it did.”

A calf that is believed to have been born to the cow was transferred to a farm south of Plattsmouth run by John and Jessica Vallery on Tuesday. The calf has already formed an attachment with a cow in the Vallery’s herd.

Grell said he wants to give the ninja cow “time to quiet down” before deciding on whether to move her. He said he is open to having the cow and calf reunited.

“She seem like a real good, quiet cow,” Grell said. “This probably would have been a little easier if she hadn’t been chased for weeks. She just needs time to settle down.”

Plattsmouth Mayor Mike Bowman said heard about the capture during a city planning meeting and immediately decided to issue a pardon.

“The city and will not seek collection of any money for trespassing or damages,” Bowman said. “We’re just glad that residents on the north side of town will be able to sleep soundly again.”

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