Early Nominations For Worst Film Of 2012

Here we are, six whole days into 2012 — so it’s time to start thinking about the worst films of the upcoming year.

Think it’s too early to start thinking about Razzie material? Think again.

I’ve seen a lot of movies during the holiday season, which means I’ve had to endure the trailer for “Mirror, Mirror” many, many times. Each time, I am struck by just how awful this film looks. Is it Julia Roberts’ terrible accent, which sounds like she watched some “Masterpiece Theater” and decided to do her impression of those uppity Brits? Perhaps it’s her terrible acting overall. It’s just so cheesy and off.

Then there are the “jokes.” “Snow Who?” “Snow Way!” Or how about the so, soooo tired use of “Say hello to my little friend”?

It all adds up to one big, stinky mess of a movie in my estimation. If you find out differently, let me know. I won’t be seeing this film. Snow way.

And then there is the Katherine Heigl vehicle, “One For the Money.” This doesn’t look any worse than the typical Heigl film, but I can’t stand her (or at least the “her” that has shown through in interviews). She whined about the material she was given on “Grey’s Anatomy.” She whined about “Knocked Up.” And then (after her other gems like “The Ugly Truth” or “New Year’s Eve”) she gives us “One For the Money,” which looks like it’s full of the typical rom-com cliches. Way to go, Katherine!

It’s especially funny when the woman shoots the dinner table. Hilarious material there. Where can I buy a ticket?

2 thoughts on “Early Nominations For Worst Film Of 2012

  1. Oh there are gonna be more than just these two believe me…The “Mirror, Mirror” movie looks pretty cheesy. People are geting tired of making good movies and using their imagination so they are remaking all of the old movies that did well. SPOILER ALERT: every time you remake a movie it decreases the quality by 101%

    • This was just meant as a nod to two early front-runners I had come across. No doubt there will be plenty more coming our way.
      And, yes, generally speaking, your remake rule is a good one to follow …

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