‘I Thought Of Myself As A Robin Hood …’

Les Falco is one of tne of the stars of "The End." He was a Robin Hood, or was he?

I watched a really interesting documentary last night about gangsters from London’s East End.

“The End” had a simple format, consisting of interviews with a string of old self-proclaimed (and usually) proud gangsters.

If you lived on the East End in post-World War II England, you apparently didn’t have much choice but to get involved in some level of crime. Violence was a way of life. At least according to these geezers (and I mean that term in the British slang sense of a bloke or dude).

Some of these gents have found the Lord. I’m not going to lie, the movie slows down a bit when they start talking about all that. Luckily, they don’t dwell on it much. We want to hear the war stories, right? Not about finding the light!

If you enjoy big egos with entertaining stories, similar to listening to your uncles talk about the days of yore, then it’s a good way to spend 90 minutes.

One quote early on in the film really stuck with me. It’s honestly a bloody brilliant line delivered by Les Falco (pictured above), one of the aforementioned gangsters and the father of the twins who made the movie.

“I thought of myself as a Robin Hood. Everyone else thought I was a robbin’ bastard …”

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