Fire At Yankton’s Black Steer Extinguished Before Extensive Damage Done

UPDATE: Here is the story I wrote for the Press & Dakotan about the fire. It has more details.


If you know Yankton, chances are you know the Black Steer.

It’s a legendary steakhouse.

Unfortunately, it was more than the steak that was in danger of being burned at the restaurant this afternoon.

A fire call was received just before 5 p.m.

According to Deputy Fire Chief Larry Nickles, fire from one of the ovens shot up the chimney and caught part of the roof on fire.

Ultimately, the damage was contained to a small area, he said. There was no smoke damage to the interior of the building. A small hole was made in the roof, however.

Nickles said the owners were advised to have the chimney and the electrical system checked out before returning to operation.

I’m sure I’m not alone in being grateful the fire was stopped before doing more damage. Hopefully, the Black Steer will be back in business soon.

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