Yankton Will Have $1.5 Million Decision To Make Monday

The Yankton City Commission meeting scheduled for Monday promises to be an interesting one. This purchase (or decision not to purchase) will have a long-term impact on the community.

What am I talking about?

Read on …
The Yankton City Commission will have a big decision to make Monday when it considers the purchase of Human Services Center ground from the state at a cost of approximately $1.95 million.
Gov. Dennis Daugaard received approval from the Legislature last year to sell off certain parcels of state property that are no longer needed. That included approximately 35 acres of ground on the southeast corner of the HSC campus at the intersection of Highway 81 and Highway 50 that is largely green space and soccer fields.
The price tag is the appraised value of the property, and the state is giving Yankton the first right of refusal on purchasing the ground.
Mayor David Knoff said he favors the purchase.
“I think it is a piece of property that is worth acquiring,” he said during a media briefing Friday.
It would allow the city to keep the soccer complex that occupies a portion of the property, as well as have control over the fate of a “gold corner” of real estate, according to Knoff. Menards is set to open on the opposite side of Highway 81 this spring.
“The city having some control in how that gets developed I think has a real positive,” he said. “It’s pretty important to make sure the types of businesses that go in there are the best use for it.”
If the commission decides in favor of moving ahead with the purchase, two additional agenda items for Monday’s meeting would arrange a payment method.
Commissioners will consider creating a business improvement district, which would place an extra $2 fee on a hotel room rental in the city. Other South Dakota cities have already established such districts.
It’s estimated that would generate approximately $200,000 annually and allow the city to pay off whatever financing method that would be used to purchase the ground.
A board of directors for the business improvement district would also have to be appointed.
The meeting gets under way at 7 p.m. in the City of Yankton Meeting Room, located at the Technical Education Center, 1200 W. 21st St.

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