Oscar Thoughts And ‘The Interrupters’

Did you make it through the 3-hour (plus) Oscar ceremony last night?

I managed it with the help of some tasty apple crisp cooked up by The Girlfriend for nourishment.

Surprises? I didn’t expect Meryl Streep to win for Best Actress. Like many others, I thought that honor would go to Viola Davis, who was good in the satisfying but manipulative “The Help.”

I was a bit upset  to see Streep win for “The Iron Lady.” No, I haven’t had the fortitude to actually watch the movie. The reviews were pretty tepid outside of the praise for Streep’s performance. Anyway, it was still cool to see Streep win an Oscar. She kept it classy.

I thought George Clooney would win for Best Actor. He was absolutely incredible in “The Descendants.” Jean Dujardin was indeed good in “The Artist,” but it was nowhere near what Clooney accomplished. Or Gary Oldman in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” for that matter.

Best speech of the night? I rather enjoyed Christopher Plummer’s eloquent acceptance.

I also took advantage of the day off to watch “The Interrupters.” A lot of people who care about the Oscars were up in arms that this documentary didn’t  make the nomination list. Now I know why.

“The Interrupters” is an in-depth look at inner-city violence in Chicago and the attempts by violence interrupters with Ceasefire to defuse situations before they ignite. Many of the interrupters themselves have criminal pasts and use that to understand what is happening.

If you watch the film, get ready for your heart to break on multiple occasions. These Ceasefire members are incredibly brave people who do work that I doubt many of us would have the cajones to do. They don’t carry guns to these situations, after all. During the filming, one of them even got shot multiple times. They know the risk, but they still go at it with a passion.

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