Police Record: Ghost Informants Apparently Can’t Be Trusted

The police record for the weekend proved to be an interesting one.

First, an 88-year-old Hartington, Neb., woman was arrested Friday for second-degree petty theft. I don’t know the circumstances of the alleged crime. The arrest struck me because it may be the oldest person I’ve ever typed up in the daily record. I couldn’t swear to it, but she has to be right up there.

That was my first surprise, but things got even better.

Police received a report very early Monday morning from a Yankton man who said his 3-year-old daughter was locked in a room at her mother’s residence, was being beaten and verbally abused, and had been given alcohol.

How did the father know this? Well, he has good sources.

You see, his girlfriend has a psychic connection with a ghost in his apartment. This ghost revealed to his girlfriend what was happening to the girl.

Police did a welfare check on the daughter for the man and found that the information from the ghost was unfounded.

It may not surprise you to learn the mother requested that charges of false reporting be pressed against her ex-husband.

I think the lesson here is that just as humans tell lies, so do the ghosts of humans. That’s the wisdom you would draw out of this story, right???

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