Orbiting Monday: Some Music To Land You Into The Week

If you’re reading this, I assume you are seeing straight again after a joyous St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Or, as one poster I saw christened it, “St. Patrick Swayze Day.” Nice work.

I haven’t written a strictly musical post in a while but while assembling a playlist for a friend this morning, I got to thinking it may be time to do that again. It’s Monday, after all, and I could use some good tunes to pick me up. Maybe you could, too.

I discovered Dry the River via NPR’s “All Songs Considered” and then learned I’d be seeing them later this year. Very powerful, dramatic stuff.

So, yeah. Wow. Heavy stuff. Maybe you’re thinking that sounds nice and all, but it’s not really what you want to kick off the week. No, you want something with a driving beat and stuffed animals. I’ve got your furry teddy bear (lion?) needs covered.

I’ve written on several occasions about how much I love Zola Jesus, so me loving her collaboration with one of my favorite British electronic acts — aka Orbital — isn’t much of a surprise.

NPR also led me to discover Now, Now. They play a lot of short, peppy songs. I like the singer’s voice.

I know I’ve posted this Grimes video before, but I just love this song so much that I can’t help but place it on the page again. How can you resist its charms?

When I get to the office, I’ll probably start in with VCMG’s new album “Ssss.”

It’s a collaboration of Martin Gore (of Depeche Mode, one of my all-time favorite bands) and Vince Clarke (one of the founders of Depeche Mode. He left after their first album and is now with a little band you may have heard of — Erasure). These two have not worked together since the early 80s but collaborated to work on this techno album. It’s very conducive to my writing (and desk dancing).

Now for those of you who like your music more traditional with some shout-outs to some classic songwriters of the past, I’ve also got you covered. I found First Aid Kit via a friend who is now on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. You may not guess it by listening to them, but these girls are Swedish. They’ve got Americana down, though.

I think that’s a pretty good place to land this ship. I hope these songs help you have a smoother landing into the week. Listening to them this morning has certainly helped my perspective.

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