Where NOT To Have An Accident

A sane human being doesn’t want to have a vehicle accident anywhere.

In the scheme of things, there are really bad places to have an accident, such as a street filled with children. On the lighter side may be a deserted country road (with shallow ditches, of course).

But somewhere on that scale, you have to have a measure of the most IRONIC places to have an accident.

I offer this candidate:

A sheriff’s office report was received at 10:42 a.m. Friday that a 1995 GMC Safari driven by a 57-year-old woman was backed into a parked 2011 Chevy HLT in the parking lot of the driver’s license office at the Kanner Building on the Human Services Center campus.

There was no word in the report about whether the driver had just renewed her license (or whether the state had any second thoughts about issuing it!). Fortunately, I doubt anyone was hurt in this parking lot collision.

I’m guessing that if any family and friends get a hold of this information, they are going to have a good time ribbing this driver about it. Really, how could you not???

I’m just thankful it wasn’t me. You never know when stupid (or distraction) will strike. I’ve been on the receiving end of that equation.

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