Sunny Side Up

Today was an early day for me.

You see, I typically lead a rock ‘n’ roll journalist lifestyle. That’s how I like to refer to it in a meager attempt to impress people with how cool and awesome I am. You’re totally buying it, right? I go to bed late and get up late. It generally fits my job (because I often work well into the evening), and I feel I’ve earned it from those many years of childhood on into my 20s when I had to get up before dawn to do chores on the family farm.

I didn’t have that luxury today, because I had a radio interview at 7:30. Fortunately, I felt that went really well.

When I emerged from the radio station, I knew it was time to take advantage of the beautiful morning and walk across the Meridian Bridge. The fog was melting away, although you could still see some dancing across the surface of the Missouri River.

I’m telling you, mornings don’t get much more perfect than this morning.

Along the way, I took the above picture of the sun. I like how it has an almost flower effect with the red “petals.”

Also, a deer was standing on the south side of the bridge to greet me upon my arrival on the Nebraska shore.

Lovely stuff.

I hope that once all this reporting business is out of the way, the day ends as beautifully as it began — and I’m certainly wishing upon a lucky star that the day of my readers will take a similar trajectory.



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