Survey Says: There’s A Good Chance Russell Is In Negotiations For New Job

I’m a little late in posting this, but it looks like it’s pretty safe to assume that Yankton City Manager Doug Russell is in negotiations for the position in Kalispell, Mont.

The NBC affiliate there contacted all three candidates yesterday. Here is what they learned:

KALISPELL, Mont., — Kalispell city officials say they’re in negotiations with one of three candidates for city manager, but they haven’t said which one that is. NBC Montana caught up with all three candidates on Tuesday, and two said they aren’t in talks with the city, and a third wouldn’t comment.

Candidates John Sutherland Jr. and Tom Steele both told NBC Montana they’re not currently negotiating with the city for the job. Doug Russell, the third candidate, declined to comment on whether he was currently in negotiations.

Read the rest here.

As a friend of mine said, assuming everyone was being honest with their answers, that about says it all.

The Kalispell City Council has not said when it will make an announcement about a hire, but I expect to get word any time now. We’ll just have to wait until then to see how the cards are laid.

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