‘The Hunger Games’ Does Some Good For Yankton

Yankton is known as an archery center thanks to the presence of the National Field Archery Association.

Well, with the popularity of “The Hunger Games” and its bow-wielding heroine, Yankton is feeling the impact of a lot of kids who want to be just like her.

Sioux City television station KCAU came to Yankton to do a report:

Archery’s always been big in Yankton, SD but it’s getting bigger, thanks to a little movie called “Hunger Games.”

Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of the “Hunger Games” series…she makes it look easy.

And it’s that perfected skill that’s bringing folks everywhere to an archery class like this one at the state of the art National Field Archery Association in Yankton, South Dakota.

President of the National Field Archery Association Bruce Cull said, “There’s a new, cool, niche market there where people are saying ‘Wow. This stuff’s pretty neat. Archery is one of those sports, we call it ‘the sport of man since time began’.”

The youth program here, JOAD or, Junior Olympic Archery Development, has grown by 49 kids since its inception just 7 months ago.

And expects more for its May registration thanks to the “Hunger Games.”

Archer Gabrielle Keiser said, “It’s really neat seeing Katniss do it. How she can go up in trees and stuff and survive all that.”

Those involved say the special thing about archery is, unlike many other sports, you can pick it up at any age.

Coach Bill Hewes said, “It’s an individual sport. You don’t get picked for the team, because of who you know. You get picked because you can make the shot. Everybody has the ability to make the shot. It’s just practice, form, the way they stand.”

Get all that down and you’ll be shooting just like Katniss.

See the video here.

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