Wilco, Joss Stone Playing Sioux City’s Saturday In The Park

Wilco will play Saturday in the Park July 7.

Try as I might, I’ve never really gotten into Wilco.

But I know a lot of people in my music circle are going to be very excited to see that Wilco is playing a free(!) show in Sioux City this summer.

Good on the Saturday in the Park organizers.

Joss Stone fell off my radar some time ago. The girl has a voice, though.

The Sioux City Journal broke the news tonight:

SIOUX CITY — Indie music favorite Wilco and British soul diva Joss Stone are among the top acts in the 22nd annual Saturday in the Park music festival lineup.

An official press conference is scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City.

Wilco and Stone will be on the Grandview Park Bandshell stage July 7 — the latest the festival has ever been.

Wilco will close out the evening, right after Stone displays her vocal prowess — and, presumably, her bare feet. Performing shoeless is one of her trademarks — along with that multiple-octave range, of course.

“This year I think it’s a musically awesome lineup,” said SITP co-founder Dave Bernstein. “We didn’t go as commercial as we did last year, and we’re OK with that.”

2 thoughts on “Wilco, Joss Stone Playing Sioux City’s Saturday In The Park

  1. Still upset that I missed Ben Harper last year, but it was my wifes 40th birthday party at the copper room so I guess…

    Really want to see Wilco this year and kidnap…um…I mean have sex with…I mean LISTEN, yeah listen to Joss Stone.

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