Russell To Get $105,000 Salary At New Post

Curious about what Yankton City Manager Doug Russell will be making at his new post in Kalispell?

Tom Lotshaw at the Daily Inter Lake recently reported the details of the Kalispell contract:

The employment agreement offers Russell:

 A $105,000 annual salary with no bonus alternatives;

A 12 percent city contribution to the International City Management Association Retirement Corporation in lieu of the Public Employees’ Retirement System;

A $400 monthly vehicle allowance;

100 percent paid health insurance for Russell and his family;

Up to a $20,000 loan for relocation costs, with the city forgiving 1/52 of the debt for each full pay period Russell is employed by the city;

Six months’ salary severance and a payout of all accrued sick leave and vacation in the event of termination without just cause;

A 15-day vacation leave credit and accrual of sick and vacation leave at the rate given to employees who have been with the city for 16 years;

Annual cost-of-living adjustments at the average increase afforded to other city employees.

I’m not sure how everything else stacks up, but Russell was set to get a $95,000 salary in Yankton this year (and he just received a $5,000 bonus at the end of last year).

A $10,000 salary bump along with moving closer to family? To use a tried and true (and tired) meme, I’d say Doug Russell is winning.

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